A new Trading Week is upon us and we are expecting our current picks to pack a powerful punch.

It’s no secret that our penny stock picks have been rocking the overall exchange in a powerful way lately, as our subscribers continue to mount impressive profits, utilizing our high level penny stock information to aid them when looking at stocks. One of our most recent special alerts on WPNV (Windpower Innovations), is currently up over 225% in just the past month. Though it has been moving along nicely, we still hold a strong belief that WPNV continues to look like a strong mid to longterm play, as the company continues to shed light on their internal operations to both investors and the overall public, alike.

Though WPNV has been going very well for our subscribers, we are most interested in our dormant power play on CACL (Crown Alliance Capital Limited, Inc.) which was alerted on the 18th and has thus far seen just under a 6% increase. Our reason for releasing it as a power play was so that subscribers could get a very early heads up, as we are expecting to see significant attention brought to this play, as our awareness initiative kicks into full gear. This is a significant power play for us that we believe will see sustained growth over the course of the next few weeks, so we highly suggest that all those that have been following along with our alert platform, be sure to keep a very close eye on what is to come from here on. This special alert on CACL is not one to be taken lightly, so be prepared.

If you have not already subscribed to our free penny stock newsletter service, we suggest that you do asap. Doing so will allow you to see special updates about our feelings toward CACL, as well as major updates on future special alerts on our top penny stock picks. You can subscribe to our newsletter for free at www.birdgnagstocks.com.



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