Major New Penny Stock Play: XDSL

Major New Play:


(Mphase Technologies, Inc.)



We are finally ready to bring you a major new play and that play comes in XDSL (Mphase Technologies, Inc.).


We are particularly excited about this one because of how dormant the stock has been lately. With little news to report since early last month, many of those that had been involved, have given up on sticking it out for the long haul, so the price has slipped significantly over the course of the past two months. It is this very realization, that we believe can prove to be very helpful in looking at this special play.


With news slowed to the point that it has, we believe that the next announcement from the company, may very well see a significant spike to change the current trend because it will catch those off-guard, that are currently holding shares. XDSL has shown in the past, that it can move very quickly and with the way that it has been trading as of late, we feel that it is well overdue, for a significant bounce to the upside. We believe that things are on the verge of transforming powerfully here and when the company does indeed decide to stop being tight-lipped with its news flow, there is no telling how far this can go, especially when considering that the company is a leading technology innovator in its sector.


The time to pay close attention to XDSL is now. Get ready for an interesting week!



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