The Power of Mergers when Penny Stocks are involved.

As many traders have come to know, penny stocks have been known to have some of the greatest percentage increases out of all of the stock exchanges, due to their generally having a seeming greater amount of room to grow. Their pricing allows for significantly greater percentage moves off of small changes, than would those same price changes realize, if they were to occur with a far larger corporation trading on a major exchange. Though Penny Stocks in general have been known for significant movement, there has been no doubt within the industry that some of the greatest gains of all time have been seen through mergers involving penny stock corporations. After-all, if a penny stock does for example, merge with a far larger company, it is suffice to say that there is a great likelihood that there will be significant price appreciation for the penny stock as a result.

In the past we have managed to unearth some of the most incredible penny stock merger plays of all time and currently have two special alerts out for suspected merger plays moving forward. These two special plays are STOA, which has unveiled prior intentions to complete a merger with a larger company by the end of today and another with CACL, which may come at any moment. As always, we remind all subscribers and readers alike, that there are never any guarantees with regard to penny stock merger plays, or any merger plays for that matter but when they are completed the movement seen can prove to be nothing short of astronomical. We highly suggest that all subscribers keep a close eye out to see if STOA and CACL do indeed manage to complete merger plans in the near future.

Often times we hear the question asked of whether or not penny stock investments are incredibly risky or dangerous and quite frankly the answer is a resounding, YES! Penny Stocks are very volatile investments that can see significant price fluctuations over short periods of time, so they certainly are not for the faint of heart. It is because of this incredible risk, that our penny stock promotion platform comes into play in a powerful way, to aid investors in learning what the top penny stocks are, to look into, on a daily basis.

Through our platform, investors are able to gain a better grasp of the top penny stocks to look into when they are thinking about getting involved in investments. Rather than having to go off on their own, they can review our powerful information to see what does and does not work with regard to various penny stock announcements and gain better footing when trying to wrap their mind around what the best investment choices for themselves may be. At the end of the day, it’s all about what the individual investors decide to do with the information that they are given but thus far our special alerts have been faring very well. One such example of a recent alert, would be WPNV (Windpower Innovations, Inc.), which has seen gains of more than 225% over the course of the past month. These are gains that many investors would not have been able to realize, had they not seen our initial special alert, so it has proven quite clear that subscription to our platform is very advantageous to investors.

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