We have seen incredible results from Penny Stock Mining Plays.

In all of the years that we have been involved in penny stock promotion, some of the most powerful plays that we have ever gotten involved in have been those involving the mining industry. The way we look at it is that if a penny stock gets involved in mining, it’s almost a given that if they strike gold, they almost have to be worth more than a copper penny, right? Well that’s how things have looked. One of the greatest mineral exploration plays that we have ever delivered to subscribers, back when we were just beginning, was on SRSR (Sarissa Resources Inc.) which saw gains of more than 28,000%. That sort of movement was absolutely incredible and showed case and point why we have become so greatly interested in keeping close tabs on mining penny stock plays over time.

Since the time that we saw the incredible movement with SRSR, we have gotten involved in various other mining stocks within the penny stock exchange, that have also seen incredible moves in the realm of hundreds or event thousands of percentage points. We are on the lookout for yet another powerful mining stock to bring to our subscriber base, so we highly suggest that when we do release it, that those most interested in trading penny stocks, keep a close eye on what it is that we release, due to our past successes.

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