What Was Our Greatest Penny Stock Gain of All Time?

Back when we were just getting into the game of penny stock promotion, when we were mainly operating through forums and social media sites, one of our earliest penny stock alerts was on SRSR (Sarissa Resources Corporation.). We alerted SRSR years ago, when it was trading at $.0003. We thought it seemed like a great play but no one could have expected to see the incredible gain that it managed to pull off and to this day, it continues to be the most powerful penny stock alert that we have ever done to this day. SRSR moved from $.0003 to $.209 for a gain of 69,566.67%. That was 696.7 times it’s value from the time of our initial alert! Though we have had many alerts go up thousands of percentage points since then, SRSR continues to be our main claim to fame, when it comes to the history of our greatest alerts of all time.

It has been gains like this one, that have continued to be our driving incentive, to bring to light, the very best penny stock alerts for our subscriber base. During times in which the markets have become increasingly volatile, we feel that it is of great importance for use to ensure that we are aiding fellow investors in being able to decipher greater depth of information, in order to ensure that they are able to come to better decisions with trading through the power of in-depth information. We look forward to bringing more power plays to the attention of our subscribers and intend to bring forth some very powerful penny stock information, to our subscribers in the near future. To stay up to date on our special alerts, be sure to subscribe to our free penny stock newsletter service, at www.pennyinvestornetwork.com. We always look forward to bringing fresh new faces into our fast growing platform.



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