Investing in dividend paying Penny stocks


Investing in dividend paying Penny stocks.

Dividends earned consistently over a period of time accumulate little by little, and in the long run march ahead of quick gains. If the dividend earned on stocks has an increasing trend all the more better. The investment portfolio that has such stocks will be profitable. Dividends can further earn by investing them again in the portfolio. Hold on to such dividend paying stocks like you would your old friends, and don’t abandon them. Cherish also the dividend earned and maximize your wealth using them to earn more.

We may be hesitant to invest into these kind of stocks that are undervalued at present. Buying these stocks may turn out to be best move towards appreciation of assets and dividends. Similarly, dividends earning high priced stocks can be bought at a time when the market is low. Proper research can propel the growth of the portfolio to greater heights. Seek the diligent dividend payers who also are equally concerned about the growth of the company. If the company grows the dividend grows but naturally. However if only the dividend grows because the resources for growth are being channeled to pay dividends, then the company may not be moving towards a bright future. A company that can think ahead of time and make the right moves will successfully lead the investor. A company where the assets are greater than the liabilities will be a far better choice. Proper grasp and understanding of the annual report, cash flow, and income statement can make reveal things that may not be noticed otherwise. The management may consist of those who are more inclined towards result oriented goals and thus achieve greater success. Or there may be companies where the management is primarily concerned only about themselves and not so share -holder friendly. Dividends earned consistently may look small, but when these same dividends are further invested , they may yield good returns. So this humble dividend received each time may be the regarded as the tip of the iceberg of resulting gains.

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Trading Penny Stocks – Risks can mean big profits!

penny stocks risk and rewards

            Penny stock is defined as any stock that trades for $0.00 – $5.00 per share. These are high risk stocks that could increase or lower based on speculations in the stock market. However, investors are attracted to this particular kind of stocks because of its ability to give a much higher return of investment compared to other stocks in the larger markets. Penny stocks, such as Over the Counter Big Board otherwise known as OTCBB and Pinksheet stocks are considered the best penny stocks for trading. These stocks are commonly issued by new companies or companies seeking to develop new products and once successful, this type of stock can move into the bigger market where its price will increase by the hundreds. Penny stocks are considered better compared to stocks in the larger market where there is minimum growth potential left.

When looking for a good penny stocks company to invest in, one does not just look at one company. Draw a list of at least 20 companies that is trading positively at a higher than average volume on a single day. Look closely at what they are doing. More often than not, companies that are working on technology development or innovating current market products with the least number of competitors will most likely yield high shares once their products are introduced or launched to the market. Trade charts are also good sources of information. Look at charts that have positive upward trends and foreseeable patterns. These are the companies that are the best and safest to invest in. Indicators such as the Doji Candlestick or when a stock closes low after a bad trading day but opens high and closes even higher the next day are good instruments for assessing companies to invest in. Penny stocks movement are based highly on speculations so you should leave as soon as you have made some good profit. A 30%-40% profit in a single day is considered good returns. Trading in penny stock markets can be both challenging and profitable if you do your research and make informed judgment.

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Picking Your Own Explosive Penny Stocks

In tough times like this, a lot of us would want to have the best investments for our future –that is to say, getting yourself a penny stock pick that gets you amazing profits. But the question is, how do we actually do this? There are so many views and beliefs out there that talk about how securing a share from a certain company will be a wise decision. However, such good news has the characteristics of a wildfire. It travels quite a long distance and spreads rapidly. Therefore, the chances are that once it has reached you, a great number of people have already taken shares and it is not so much of a good investment anymore. Now, perhaps, you are thinking of doing some thorough research on the matter so as to become the first one to know which companies offer a good share of penny stocks. Very brilliant plan! If you have a good 5-10 hours and that you are willing to spare for such time consuming work, this will certainly work and I would want to say that I am very happy for you.


The thing is, not everyone has the luxury of time. So, does this mean that for us who are busy, we should just give up on this venture? I, for sure, despite my tight schedule, will not allow such issues to take over my future investments. I have actually discovered great penny stock pick analysis companies who have a trusted and well established name in the industry. Trust me; these little details will certainly pay off big time. Having the time to research, decide, and follow the real experts is worth it because not all those who claim to offer professional stock analysis services can bring you what you want and need. Only the best ones can turn the uncertain stock market into an inflow of cash since they are capable of delivering real quality service. See for yourself how they can make money by investing in ‘unlikely’ stocks at the right time just as one can lose money by having a share in a ‘promising’ stock at the worst time! This is why following the best in the business is the only real alternative than studying and being able to pick your own explosive stocks in the penny market.

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Penny Stock trading tips for the ages.

penny-stocks-to-watch  So you’ve already learned about penny stocks, and now it’s time to make your investment(s). There are several tips that you can get from several penny stock traders in order to ensure that you would have a winning edge with your investments. We have already mentioned that penny stocks offered by loosely categorized companies that hold shares with a price less than $5, and with a market capital not going beyond $200M. Often companies that offer such types of investments are considered slot machines of the equity market due to its nature of being high risks investments. Here are a few things that you would need to take into consideration when making your penny stock investment.

know your limits  Put Investments within your Limits. The first key principle in any investment, which can also be considered a gamble, is to ensure that you do not invest more than your means. Putting a limit into your invested capital would allow you to simply work within the money that you can afford losing and not go beyond it. Majority of those who enter into the stock market often lose a lot of money because they don’t know when to stop.

risk and reward  Know that your investment has high risks. We have already mentioned that penny stock trading involves risk for high reward, and this is something that you should be ready to face once you get into the investment process itself. There’s no way for you to back out of it once you’ve given the money to the broker. Again, the ruling principle is that the risk leads to a great reward with penny stock investing.

buy hold sell  Learn how to trade by starting with mid-range investment companies. Before you dwell into penny stock trading, most of the experts in stock market trading would suggest that you get into mid-range stock investments first. The reason for such is for you to familiarize yourself with how the stock market works, for you to know when you should sell your shares, and when to acquire new stock investments. If you get into a mid-range stock investment and trade on for at least a year or so, you may learn the skills needed in order for you to invest in penny stocks.   When going into penny stock trading, you should be fast moving, be sensitive enough to know when the market value would drop in order for you to sell your shares and when you would need to purchase additional shares or new shares from another company offering penny stock trading.

research  Read and gather information. There is this saying that “knowing is half the battle.” If you were to start an investment in penny stocks, you would need to gather all necessary information to know about it from a reliable stock projecting source. Reading does not only mean reading on investment portfolios but understanding the nature and how penny stock trading works. Another thing that you should be able to do is to gather information on the different companies that offer penny stock trading.   Know which stocks to reject. There are several things that you must put into consideration in penny stock trading. One thing you have to learn is to be able to identify which stocks to reject at the onset without thinking about it twice or thrice. This can only be done if you have acquired vast knowledge and information about the different companies offering penny stock buying.   Aside from the information gathered, you should be able to identify stocks to be rejected at the onset. These are stocks that contain the following characteristics;

  • Any stock that isn’t traded using pink sheets in the US or UK stock market
  • A company that turns over less than $10M of annual revenue
  • Companies encouraging investments through email or spam emails
  • A company whose industry whether sales, service and products you’re not fully aware of because you don’t fully understand it or your guts tell you otherwise.

Companies that have consistently been producing steady revenues over a vast number of years are the types of companies you would like to put your investments in. The reason for such is because you are guaranteed that the company won’t go bankrupt.   Once you learn your investment limits, you would notice that there should only be a maximum of 5% of your investment portfolio that should be enrolled in penny stock trading. The rest should still be playing under mid-range investments in huge, if not one of the Fortune 500 companies in the U.S.   Trading penny stocks is not as fun as what you might think it is. It is a business where you have a potential of growing your money, and increasing your income. However, just like in a traditional business, if you like to venture into it, you must first learn the ins and outs of it. Since this is an investment, you should not be asking the question of whether or not you would profit out of it. The question you should be raising is whether you’re going to make money or lose it. The answer will be solely dependent on how you’re going to treat your penny stocks.


Get the best management software.

stock software

There are several software programs in the market that provides for stock market management. Being able to utilize one for your own investments would be a huge factor in making you earn through penny stock trading. Your software should contain precise information such as gains and lost in terms of your revenue and investment.

Know when to quit. As mentioned earlier, penny stock market trading is a high risk trade which involves money that you are to invest in a particular company. This tip is related to the first tip of learning where to set your limits. Setting your limits should put you enough at a cap of 50% profit margin from the actual amount of capital you invested. Once you earn 50% of your invested amount, that’s the time to stop. Don’t get greedy by gambling in the remaining amount.

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Trading penny stocks: Best option of investment

Trading Penny Stocks is the best place of investment not just for those with low budgets, but those eager to invest their money to turn potentially big profits. Getting Penny stock picks are considered one of the best ways to learn for all the newcomers in the field of the stock exchange. Penny stock trading offers you the unique opportunity to get the experience of buying and selling by minimizing the risk to its lowest. So if you are one of those who want to jump into the business of selling & buying the shares, then this is the best place for you to invest your money.

Before investing your money, remember that the risk factor has always remained in the business of the stock exchange. No one can predict for the future of your money, but we can assure you that we keep records every single penny and invest in the best possible manner. Moreover, Penny stock picks not only provide chances for the beginner, but sometimes the experienced investors also come with their money to get the chance to earn more. Investing with some experienced people can beneficiary for you also, as you can learn a lot from them. Don’t forget that experienced people only try their luck in penny stock picks when they have some serious knowledge for profit.

So trading stocks in the penny market can provide you the best platform to excel in the world of selling and buying the shares. You can find the various places offering the penny stock trade opportunities around the whole country, but you cannot always trust them. There can be some scam companies in the name of the stock exchange, ready to do some fraud with you. So it’s better to not invest with the unknown companies. Otherwise, Penny stock is the best option to check your luck with very minimum investment. Moreover it can be very difficult for newcomers to easily understand the typical vocabulary of the stock exchange world. In this case too, getting picks for which penny stocks to buy is the best option for you to learn the complete jargon of the stock exchange world.

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Picking good Penny Stocks out of the bunch.

How to Spot a Good Penny Stock Since penny stocks are usually from start-up companies, choosing a good one requires a more complex skill set. One of the hurdles in choosing to invest in these stocks is the limited information that you can work with since the companies are subject to limited listing requirements. However, there are very savvy traders who have learned how to spot a good penny stock. In order to gather more information about the small cap companies, it pays to read the press releases these companies give out. The changes and development these companies are doing will translate to a significant movement of the stock price. Possible mergers, new product launch and growing sales are examples. Moreover, one of the challenges of investing in penny stock is liquidity. Trading penny stocks gives no assurance that a buyer or a seller would be on the other side should traders decide to take on a position.

A good way to check trading volumes for penny stocks are checking online penny stock communities, talking with fellow traders and brokers regarding the latest news about the stock. If you spot a highly liquid company, preferably with a significant volume of trading which shows a potential for more, it is an indicator that it is a good pick. Technical indicators will also point at the direction the penny stock is going. These will be a useful tool in analyzing a potential buy. Examples of which are moving averages, stochastic oscillators, MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands. In addition, looking at the price charts for trends will give you an idea on whether buyers are more aggressive than sellers and vice versa. Both of these will help spot small price moves that traders can take advantage of to maximize profits and ensure success.

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We are still expecting a great deal from ENYC as we continue to view it as a Top Penny Stock Newsletter Pick.

We recently announced what we feel to be the great strengths of ENYC as a top penny stock newsletter pick for all of our subscribers. Initially we all saw some significant profits as the stock hurtled upward with 40% gains in one day and 60% gains by the close last Friday but otherwise things have seemed a bit choppy due to the companies relative silence, apart for some key filings that have come forward. We remain fully intent on seeing ENYC through, as we believe that the company will see some significant awareness turned its way due to a significant campaign being put together by one of our partner companies found at

Penny Investor Network has put together significant efforts to see that the true strengths of ENYC become known across the board and with the incredible movement that their most recent investment plays have seen, we hold no doubts that they will be able to see this campaign through to the best of their platforms ability. Just as we have a Gold member service, their platform offers an elevated/VIP Platinum Member service that allows for faster information and more prompt response times to questions from investors. Over the course of the past 2 months their overall subscription list has seen profit potential of more than 3,400% on investments, with ENYC now being the slowest to move out of all of their previous alerts. It is for these reasons and continuously strengthening track record, that we believe the choice of as a top penny stock newsletter pick, will be a strong one, that may prove very beneficial to our subscribers. Needless to say, all investments come with great risk, especially those involved in the penny stock exchange but with the strengths that the Penny Investor Network platform has shown in the past, we truly believe that there will be some very interesting movement to come from ENYC.

Because Penny Investor Network is one of our strongest partners, we would like to suggest that new and future members to our list take a look into their platforms platinum plan. Though their plan does indeed cost three times the amount that our own gold plan does, we find it to be one of the best penny stock newsletter resources that we have been able to come across in quite some time, as the profit potential may at times greatly outweigh the actual cost of subscribing to the service. For those interested in subscribing to their elevated Platinum Membership plan, you can do so at


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BLAP moved up 12.5% for us today!

Our penny stock picks are still on the move in a major way!

Last weeks alert was BLAP, mainly because we felt that this is a company that will be seeing sustained growth as the weeks progress.

After our alert, BLAP closed even on strong buying pressure but now the breakout is starting to begin. Today, after significant buying pressure, BLAP closed up 12.5% to $.009 We have been telling you to keep an eye out for a serious push and it looks like it’s finally here. There are far more eyes on this stock now, than there were even just last week. This is the time to keep a very close eye on this company because we feel that we may see some explosive results as these days wear on. With such a manageable float, so many energized investors, and an ever growing advertising campaign underway, there is no doubt that this is a trade filled with massive potential.

With these initial gains on BLAP included 5 out of our last 6 penny stock plays, have seen a combined gain of more than 185%

As we always say, we strive to find you the major penny stock runners well before they’ve made a run. Needless to say, Gold Members are looking very good here.


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Fresh new play to be released at 9:30am today!

Well the time is finally here. At 9:30am today we will be unveiling a massive new play, that has very little resistance at the ASK. We expect to see an absolutely monstrous push for the play that will be released. The company is very big in designing programs for some major platforms. <——That’s all we’ll tell you about it until the official release.

GOLD MEMBERS have already been alerted. Keep in mind that Gold Members haven’t been told of a play in advance for almost 5 months, so the fact that we are bringing gold alerts back for this play, tells you that we clearly expect a massive push. The Gold Alerts will not be stopping with this play. We will be releasing a steady flow of investment picks that will be pre-released to gold members first, due to the significant strength that we have found in them through heavy due diligence. Get ready for a serious push from here on. The Bird Gang is back to full effect, and you will not want to miss out on what we are bringing to the table today. Get ready!


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Also, be sure to read our full disclaimer at before bothering to act on anything that you ever, ever, ever, see us say in any form whatsoever. Be it print, spoken word, the Lords scripture being whispered into your ear, hallucinations, dreams, the crazy homeless dude in the neighborhood yelling about birds. All of that.