Special Reminder about CACL (Crown Alliance Capital Ltd.).

We released a special newsletter alert on CACL (Crown Alliance Capital Ltd.) on the 18th of this month, to ensure that subscribers were given a major early upper-hand on this powerful penny stock pick that we expect to take the penny stock world by storm. When we released this special alert CACL was trading at $.69 and it now sits at $.73 up just 5.79% but keep in mind this is just the beginning.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we expect to see significant attention paid to CACL by active investors, as the awareness initiative for this powerful penny stock play kicks into full swing. Keep in mind that though this is not the average penny stock play that we tend to alert, with significantly lower pricing, the price can still move along fairly quickly due to its reasonable share structure, so going forward, as awareness does kick into higher gear, we are expecting to see a relatively steady rise over a period of weeks, for this special play.

There have been no major news announcements released by CACL (Crown Alliance Capital Ltd.) since May 13th, aside for the filing of financial documentation, so we suspect that there may very well be a steady flow of new information, due to their relative tight lipped stance on newsworthy events for the time being. We continue to be very excited about having been able to release this power play so early on for our subscribers and believe that there is strong growth ahead for the future of this special company.

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