STOA Continues to be on High Alert.

We have still been watching STOA very closely due to it continuing to be on high alert, as it happens to be on significant merger watch. Remember that while merger plans do not always see completion, when they do and they are involving penny stocks, they have sparked some of the most powerful runs within the penny stock exchange that have ever been seen. It is for this reason that we continue to believe that STOA, though highly volatile, should be watched closely, due to their previously stated plans to complete a merger with Iris Corp.

There have been many rumors circulating, suggesting that the company will not be completing its planned merger with Iris but still does indeed plan to complete a merger with another company. As always, we prefer to await official word from the companies themselves but still believe that if the merger does in fact end up being with a different company, that STOA management will still work to ensure that the merger is one that can spark positive growth for investors. According to the previously stated merger expectations, the completion should be by today, so it will be of great interest to many investors, to see whether or not they do indeed come through and announce completion to go against the words of naysayers.

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