STOA (Sitoa Global Inc.) closed up 12.5% for us yesterday.

Yesterday, we saw some ice gains on our special alert on STOA (Sitoa Global Inc.). We continue to believe that STOA will see some serious movement as it inches ever closer to its expected merger completion date. Keep in mind, as was mentioned in the newsletter alert, that this company has previously announced plans to have its merger completed within 2 weeks time, so as that time window shrinks, we believe that the price will continue to respond in a favorable manner, due to general excitement over the expected completion.

One thing about mergers that we always like to stress, is that mergers can be called of or cancelled for any number of reasons but regardless of whether or not this one is completed, we expect to see movement based off of anticipation. If it is completed, this can turn into a whole new level of power play, being that penny stock completed mergers have often been some of the most fast gaining stocks of all time but even without completion we expect solid results from here on out.

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