With Summer Slowdowns hitting the Penny Stock Exchange, our Penny Stock Newsletter Alerts have still been Powerful.

It has become common knowledge among active investors, that the summer time brings with it a significant slowdown in trading within the financial markets. Many investors take the summer time off, to go off on vacations, as opposed to watching the ebbs and flows of stocks, so while this does of course affect trading on big board exchanges, it has an incredibly damaging effect on many companies trading within the penny stock exchange that are already subject to incredible volatility. It is during these times that investors often feel the need to find greater security when it comes to investing within the smaller penny stock exchange.

Penny stock investments, as our subscribers know, can yield incredible returns but it is because of the summer lull that our platform becomes even more important during this time period. As a team, the management of the Penny Investor Network LLC, works together to ensure that we are bringing the very best penny stock picks to our subscriber base. It is for this reason that we have been able to deliver some of the fastest growing penny stocks of all time, to those following along with our platform. We have had two picks in particular, that were able to on their own, turn some investors into millionaires. It has been these sorts of realizations and incredible growth of past alerts that pushes us to continue to do what we do to help investors that are most interested in buying penny stocks.

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